How I scored 300/300 in Red Hat Certified System Administrator(RHCSA)

A brief tip about RHCSA

300 = 3000 ; JK


Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam is the foundation exam to next level exam like Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). To take RHCE one should clear RHCSA.

Understand the exam’s objectives

Finding the resources

Building own lab and practising the tasks

Once after understanding the exam’s objective and resources, the most important part is setting up your own lab and start practicing.

I used VirtualBox as VMM on Fedora.

2 VMs of Rocky Linux Image. (Actually, Centos or RHEL 8 can be used)

Note-taking is also a crucial part of the preparation. I used “xmind” to create mind mapping so this helped me to remember commands and topics. I also used “Google Docs” to take notes.

The below screenshot is how I created the mind maps according to the objective.

Mind maps

Unlike many other certifications, RHCSA is 100% hands-on. NO MCQs type of questions. Therefore, it demands complete grip on the Linux Command Line, with accuracy and quickness as the exam is 180 min. Hence, practising the Linux commands on a daily basis is very crucial.

While I was preparing, I have read many blogs about RHCSA preparation. One key thing everyone was telling was Practise, Practise, and Practise!

Yes, that's the only option to ace in RHCSA.

Taking mock tests

After going through the entire objectives, taking mock tests will help how we stand with respect to our preparations done before. It helped me to understand my weak portions and strong portions, thereby practising more on my weak points.

Good Luck for your exams! Bye,




Site Reliability Engineer, Cohesity | RHCSA

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Site Reliability Engineer, Cohesity | RHCSA

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