Overwriting Existing Files

Chef: A configuration management tool

What is Chef?


  1. Chef Workstation: This is the system where we write…

Source: Reddit

What is Ansible?

git is not equal to github

What is git ?

What is github ?

Image of how the stones are being balanced

Quick Overview of Load balancer

Basic architecture of the system that we are going to build

Stages of CI/CD pipeline

What is DevOps ?

3 seals(pods) are pulling a man sitting on a beach chair, indicates pods are taking him to different place.

Podman definition

Similar tools like podman.

  1. Docker
  2. LXD
  3. ContainerD


  1. Registry server : Its nothing…

Tux with fedora, a can on its desk with headphones wrapped around his neck

Shift and swap

Image of linux Tux standing behind wall. Depicts Linux Firewall


Site Reliability Engineer, Cohesity | RHCSA

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